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Access And SQL Server Custom Database Solutions

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Web Databases

Web Databases

The most common use of this technology is e-commerce, but there are many other fabulous uses of this technology.

What They Do
  • External (Full Access)
    • Provide searchable product information
    • Generate leads
  • Customer (Password protected Restricted Access)
    • Provide real time order status report
    • Automatic quoting based on customers specifications
    • Online order taking
    • Detailed product support and information
  • Internal (Password protected Restricted Access)
    • Offsite Order entry and request for quotes by Sales Representative
    • Order Status and other feedback to Sales Representative
    • Offsite updates to any internal databases.
  • New orders
  • New leads
  • Better customer response
  • Full use of internal resources by offsite employees
  • Reduces data entry
  • Faster turn around
Integrates With
  • Any in house database program