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Sales and Marketing Systems

When you want to seriously pursue an effective organizational marketing campaign, Act won't do.

What They Do
  • Facilitate optimal direct mailing campaigns. Target the most effective marketing material and sales efforts to particular groups of leads. Rate the lead. The program identifies which marketing materials they should be sent and how often the packages should be sent.
  • Automatically transfer Computerized lead lists to your customer database
  • Generate letters, labels and customized marketing material at the push of a button
  • Track sales calls and follow-up action Print customized reports on sales by customer, salesman, and product.
  • Measure the success of mailings and other sales strategies
  • Calculate salespeople's commissions Management Information
  • Reports on salespeople show sales efforts and success
  • Reports on customers show purchase history, identify potential for increased sales
  • Measure the success of mailings and other sales strategies Value
  • Identify customers who should be pursued more aggressively.
  • Monitor salespeople's' efforts and effectiveness.
  • Determine the most effective mailing strategies. What material you should send to what customers. How often should you mail them?
  • Determine how valuable each of your lead sources is.
  • Better Targeting - Send the best-suited materials to the lead based on stored data.
  • Better Sales follow-up
  • Cheaper Mailings
  • Easier to organize marketing campaign
Integrates With
  • Contact Management Programs - Act, Maximizer, Outlook
  • Order Processing Systems - Leads become customers. Quotes become orders