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Order Processing Systems

Automate the tracking and filling of orders throughout every stage of the process from quoting through production to shipping.

What They Do
  • Real order processing systems overcome the limitations of accounting systems.
  • They track real inventory and actual material and labour usage
  • They allow the user to enter all details of an order easily and efficiently.
  • They ensure that all necessary quote and order details are entered.
  • They translate order information into production information calculating materials, machine and labour time needed.
  • They track an order status from start date, through the stages of production to shipping.
  • They produce all necessary paper outputs.
  • They allocate inventory to current orders and reduce real inventory based on actual depletion.
  • They generate any report you need the way you need it.
  • They let you know everything about the order in real time at the press of a button
  • Quicker Filling of Orders - You take proactive measures to move things that are stuck in production
  • Better Customer Response - When they ask when will it be ready, you look at your screen and know where it is.
  • Better Inventory Control - Inventory allocated to current orders is factored in. You know what you've got and what you need.
Integrates With
  • Bar Coding - Scan the order as it goes through production and shipping. Know exactly where it is.
  • Inventory System - Allocate current inventory based on current orders
  • Purchasing System - Generate reorders for materials reaching critical lows. Creates production specifications for each custom made product