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Access And SQL Server Custom Database Solutions

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Bar Coding

Order Processing
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Purchasing Systems

With Optimal Purchasing you'll buy the best quantity at the best price from the best supplier to meet your well forecasted demand.

What They Do
  • Track all your suppliers, pricing information, delivery times, and price breaks.
  • Quick searching for best prices and best alternatives
  • Provides calculations for optimal purchasing quantity decisions
  • Reduce Material Costs -Purchasers make wiser more informed purchases
  • Precise Scheduling - The delivery dates for materials on order automatically go into the production schedule.
  • Faster Delivery - You can reduce your promised delivery date with more precise information on material delivery dates.
Integrates With
  • Bar Coding - Scan bar codes to track all new inventory that comes through the door
  • Inventory System - Adds inventory on order to projected inventory levels
  • Order Tracking System - Ensures that all necessary materials to fill an order are being delivered