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    Inventory Tracker  

Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers all face the same problem of tracking their goods on hand. Inventory Tracker allows the user to stay on top of inventory items as they are depleted and replenished. You can enter vendor orders and client orders for an unlimited number of items. Manufacturers can track raw materials as they are used up and finished goods as they are created. Optional barcoding technology can make the whole process even more effective. Take contol of your inventory today.

Order Tracker  

All businesses face the problem of getting paid and making payments of their own. Order Tracker is the key to simplifying the paperwork and hassle that goes along with this process. Customer and Vendor Information need only be entered once. Then they can simply be selected for each transaction. The same is true for invoice items. Once this information is entered into your system, a few clicks of the mouse is all that is necessary to fill out a complete customer order or vendor order. Invoices and P.O.s are generated automatically. Deposits can be entered and tracked easily. Management reports allow the user to know who has been invoiced, what has been paid and who is overdue. Order Tracker saves time and money while eliminating some serious stress.

Employee Tracker
In order to manage your employees effectively, you must know how they are using their time. Employee Tracker allows your employees to easily sign in and out when they are working on specific tasks. The employee simply has to select from a list of tasks and then the time is automatically entered. This product generates daily, weekly and monthly reports that compare different employees and different tasks. This gives you the ability to understand your staff and focus on efficiency.
Job Tracker
Manufacturers need to know the progress of jobs and orders. The process can consist of many different stages, many different stations and many different employees. When a customer calls and asks about the status of an order, it can be a difficult question to answer. By using Job Tracker, the answer will always be at your finger tips. Each order can be assigned a unique bar-code and the job status will be updated every time it is scanned into a new station or a new process is completed. This allows you to know the status of your work, and make sure that the job gets done the right way.