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Scheduling Systems

Scheduling systems help your plant manager allocate and redirect orders according to the real time availability of labour, materials and equipment.

What They Do
  • Stand alone or part of production system - used to schedule machines and workers on production floor
  • Shows all resources currently allocated
  • Allows managers to juggle current jobs to respond to rush orders
  • Allows managers to juggle jobs for optimal machine usage and minimal downtime
  • Reduces Down Time/Increases Efficiency - More efficient use of production floor
  • Greater Flexibility - Easier to respond to rush orders and setbacks
  • More Control - Managers monitor deviations between scheduled resources and actual resources used.
  • Better Customer Service - Faster delivery promises for new orders because you know the actual resources needed to fill current orders
Integrates With
  • Production Systems - Production systems track actual materiel and labour usage. The scheduler allows managers to allocate these resources based on past experience gained from production tracking
  • Order Processing Systems - New orders automatically generate reports on projected labour and machine time, which are then used by the production scheduler.