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Inventory Systems

Custom made inventory systems allow you to track real inventory efficiently and accurately. They are tailor made to your processes and far superior to the off the shelf modules sold with Accounting systems.

What They Do
  • Track your real inventory levels
  • Predict inventory needs based on average depletion
  • Generate reorder reports for inventory that's below critical levels
  • Calculate waste
  • Reduce Inventory Costs - You can keep lower levels of inventory and still be confident that you'll be able to fill orders.
  • Reduce Waste Costs - You generate a report of all the your full and partially depleted inventory on hand. So you can use the best inventory item for a particular order.
  • Faster Order Filling - With better control over inventory, you'll be able to fill the order without waiting for a new shipment from your suppliers.
Integrates With
  • Production System - Production tracks material usage and automatically deducts it from inventory.
  • Purchasing System - Purchasing tracks suppliers and material prices. When inventory levels are low, you use the purchasing system to generate PO's. The material ordered on purchasing shows up as "materials on order" in your inventory totals.
  • Order Processing System - New orders place a hold on the inventory (that they require) giving a more accurate forecast of inventory requirements.