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Production Systems

Production systems automate calculation of production specifications, facilitate maximum efficiency, and measure actual material usage and labour time

What They Do
  • Creates production specifications for each custom made product
  • Tracks orders through production floor
  • Tracks material and labour costs
  • Scan bar codes to automatically track production
  • Real time inventory. Adjusts inventory levels based on orders scheduled and in process
  • Reduce Inventory Costs - Managers get a production report which shows current inventory devoted to current orders. They can keep lower levels of inventory and reorder Just-in-Time as inventory levels reach critical points.
  • Reduce Waste Costs - Productions specifications will dictate the best current inventory item to use and the optimal way to use it.
  • Precise Scheduling/Faster Order Filling - With better real time information on your current and scheduled production, you'll be able to promise quicker and more accurate delivery dates.
  • Tracks Productivity - workers scan on and off each job. You know precisely how efficient and productive each worker is at different tasks
  • Precise Costing/Better Quoting - by precisely tracking the real Integrates with: Bar Coding - Scan bar codes to track production stages, start and finish times, employees productivity, and materials use
Integrates With
  • Inventory System - Production tracks material usage and automatically deducts it from inventory.
  • Purchasing System - Purchasing tracks suppliers and material prices. Production systems calculate inventory needed for current and scheduled production. If a necessary raw material isn't in stock. You get flagged. You generate a PO. The production floor gets the expected date when materials will be in. They adjust the production schedule accordingly.
  • Order Processing System - When you generate an order the material specifications for production are automatically generated from the order details