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Access And SQL Server Custom Database Solutions

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Bar Coding
Order Processing
Sales & Marketing
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Automate the tracking and filling of orders throughout every stage of the process from quoting through production to shipping.


Production systems automate calculation of production specifications, facilitate maximum efficiency, and measure actual material usage and labour time

Custom made inventory systems allow you to track real inventory efficiently and accurately. They are tailor made to your processes and far superior to the off the shelf modules sold with Accounting systems.

Scheduling systems help your plant manager allocate and redirect orders according to the real time availability of labour, materials and equipment.

Bar coding technology has become very inexpensive. Scanners cost a few hundred dollars and plug into your existing PC's. Bar Coded labels can be printed from your laser printer.

With Optimal Purchasing you'll buy the best quantity at the best price from the best supplier to meet your well forecasted demand.

When you want to seriously pursue an effective organizational marketing campaign, Act won't do.

The most common use of this technology is e-commerce, but there are many other fabulous uses of this technology.