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Genesis Directory By City
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Genesis Databases 363 Markham St. Toronto ON M6G 2K8 416 972 6718 Custom Databases

Genesis is a Toronto based database consultanting firm specializing in Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We create and maintain customized

software for a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, service and non-profit.

Advanced Digital Media 503 Chantel Crt Sarnia ON N7S 6H7 519-344-0301 Video production

At Home Computer Services 725 Sycamore Dr Sarnia ON N7T 4L1 519-337-2427 Computer repair & maintenance: on


Datatek Systems 714 London Rd Sarnia ON N7T 4X6 519-332-1441 Computers

Electro-Byte Technologies 559 Exmouth St Sarnia ON N7T 5P6 519-332-8235 Internet service provider

K.C. Perdeaux 1283 Plank Rd RR 2 Sarnia ON N7T 7H3 519-337-6993 Machine shop

KGS Machine 1283 Plank Rd RR 2 Sarnia ON N7T 7H3 519-337-6993 Machine shop

SD Services & Software Dev 139 Vidal St S Sarnia ON N7T 2T3 519-336-1958 Computer software: custom
Sault Ste Marie

BDO Dunwoody LLP PO Box 1109 Stn Main Sault Ste ON P6A 5N7 705-945-0990 Accounting firm

Sault Ste. Marie Bus Index 170 Chambers Ave Sault Ste ON P6A 4V6 705-942-6858 Internet service provider 123 March St Sault Ste ON P6A 2Z5 705-759-3266 Internet publishing: newspaper

ACIS Consulting 124 Merkley Sq Scarborough ON M1G 2Y8 416-439-6579 Data management services: web

Acrobits.Com 1510 Birchmount Rd Suite 203 Scarborough ON M1P 2G6 416-657-4419 Computer repair & maintenance

Acrotechnique Int'l 3031 Markham Rd Unit 32 Scarborough ON M1X 1L9 416-321-9085 Computer network systems


AllianzWeb 2343 Brimley Rd Suite 819 Scarborough ON M1S 3L6 905-201-1238 Computer software development

Amigo Systems 3833 Midland Ave Scarborough ON M1V 5L6 416-298-0802 Computer network design

Anetdata 60 Frank Rivers Dr Scarborough ON M1W 3S1 416-333-3266 Computer software: web design

AVR Communications 595 Middlefield Rd Unit 8 Scarborough ON M1V 3S2 416-297-9377 Power supply: uninterruptible

Axidata 45 Commander Blvd Unit 1 Scarborough ON M1S 3Y3 416-291-7151 Computers

B&G Systems 850 Tapscott Rd Suite 54 Scarborough ON M1X 1N4 416-646-2885 Computer systems design

Barcodesoft 12 Sandy Haven Dr Scarborough ON M1W 3H9 647-477-2318 Computer software: bar code EPS

files creation

Canadian Business College 55 Town Centre Crt Suite 600 Scarborough ON M1P 4X4 416-290-6565 College: business & computer

Canadian Data Security 30 Teesdale Pl Suite 1604 Scarborough ON M1L 1L2 416-698-8621 Scientific consulting services

Canadian Network 2606 Eglinton Ave E Scarborough ON M1K 2R9 416-269-7662 Computer consultants

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