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Genesis Directory By City
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Genesis Databases 363 Markham St. Toronto ON M6G 2K8 416 972 6718 Custom Databases

Genesis is a Toronto based database consultanting firm specializing in Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We create and maintain customized

software for a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, service and non-profit.

Winters Technical Staffing 2025 Sheppard Ave E Suite 4110 North York ON M2J 1V6 416-495-7422 Personnel recruiting service:

information technolo

Workbrain 250 Ferrand Dr Suite 1200 North York ON M3C 3G8 416-421-6700 Computer software: human


Wow Media 228 Faywood Blvd North York ON M3H 6A9 416-704-4195 Web site design services

Xerox 5650 Yonge St Suite 900 North York ON M2M 4G7 888-247-5107 Machines: business

YWP 5 Lockton Crt North York ON M2K 1J6 416-598-7840 Computer software: health care

Zedware 2795 Bathurst St North York ON M6B 3A4 416-781-8457 Computer accessories

4 Refuel 231 Oak Park Blvd Suite 401 Oakville ON L6H 7S8 905-501-0922 Computer software: cost calculator

for operating f

Albat + Wirsam North America 1540 Cornwall Rd Suite 214 Oakville ON L6J 7W5 905-338-5650 Computer software: for


APCI Communications 790 Redwood Sq Unit 10 Oakville ON L6L 6N3 905-847-0010 Cable installation

Artistic Album Designer 2271 Blackbird Crt Oakville ON L6M 5E6 905-465-0100 Albums: photo

Aseco Integrated Systems 635 Fourth Line Unit 16 Oakville ON L6L 5W4 905-339-0059 Engineering consultants

ASP Maxcess 880 Equestrian Crt Oakville ON L6L 6L7 905-847-0138 Computer floor systems

Balgord Software Solutions 2660 Sherwood Heights Dr Suite 202 Oakville ON L6J 7Y8 905-829-3541 Computer software consultants

BDO Dunwoody LLP 151 Randall St Oakville ON L6J 1P5 905-844-3206 Accounting firm

Bliss Technologies 1496 Stationmaster Lane Oakville ON L6M 3A8 905-847-8646 Computer network managing

Bredet Services 2829 Sherwood Heights Dr Unit 101 Oakville ON L6J 7R7 905-337-7233 Computer software consultants

Canadian Computer 414 Speers Rd Oakville ON L6K 2G2 905-849-0737 Computer store

Carosoft Consulting 2419 Marine Dr Oakville ON L6L 1C6 905-825-5857 Computer software consultants

Case-Tech Leather 1100 Invicta Dr Unit 6 Oakville ON L6H 2K9 905-842-8294 Cases: instrument

Central Technology Services 1400 Cornwall Rd Unit 5 Oakville ON L6J 7W5 905-829-8686 Computer consultants

Comnetix 2872 Bristol Cir Suite 100 Oakville ON L6H 6G4 905-829-9988 Computer software development

Cratos Technology Solutions 2305 Wyecroft Rd Oakville ON L6L 6R2 905-338-2122 Computer software consultants:

credit card systems

Davis Controls 2200 Bristol Cir Oakville ON L6H 5R3 905-829-2000 Instruments: process control

D-Link Networks 2180 Winston Park Dr Oakville ON L6H 5W1 905-829-5033 Computer hardware

Dorado Systems 2172 Wyecroft Rd Unit 10 Oakville ON L6L 6R1 905-847-7784 Computer installation

Duncan Systems Specialists 1193 North Service Rd W Unit Oakville ON L6M 2V8 905-338-5545 Library cataloguing


Electromega 760 Pacific Rd Unit 20 Oakville ON L6L 6M5 905-847-5458 Meters: parking

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