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Genesis Directory By City
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Company Website Street City Prv Postal Phone Category

Genesis Databases 363 Markham St. Toronto ON M6G 2K8 416 972 6718 Custom Databases

Genesis is a Toronto based database consultanting firm specializing in Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We create and maintain customized

software for a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, service and non-profit.

In-Depth Business Solutions PO Box 429 Victoria ON L0K 2A0 705-534-3183 Computer consultants


Gaviller & Company LLP PO Box 129 Walkerton ON N0G 2V0 519-881-2100 Computer consultants

Falcon Software 1074 Rock Rd Warsaw ON K0L 3A0 705-652-1999 Computer software development

Nelson Business Machines 255 Dundas St E Suite 506 Waterdown ON L0R 2H6 905-689-0012 Headsets

5D Computer Systems 180 Frobisher Dr Unit 3 Waterloo ON N2V 2A2 519-725-5535 Computers

A + Computers 630 Black Forest Pl Waterloo ON N2V 1R3 519-888-7788 Computer repair & maintenance

Acronym Software 22 King St S Suite 302 Waterloo ON N2J 1N8 519-885-2454 Computer software: engineering

Add Type Business Equipment 298 Marsland Dr Unit B Waterloo ON N2J 3Z1 519-885-2570 Computers

AGFA 455 Phillip St Waterloo ON N2L 3X2 519-746-2900 Computer software development

Ansys 554 Parkside Dr Waterloo ON N2L 5Z4 519-886-8435 Computer software: engineering

Arius Software 20 Erb St W Suite 1002 Waterloo ON N2L 1T2 519-885-9045 Computer software: financial

Bondnet Internet Services 608 Weber St N Unit 10 Waterloo ON N2V 1K4 519-885-0211 Information technology consultants

Campana Systems 99 Randall Dr Waterloo ON N2V 1C5 519-747-5222 Computer software: automotive


CAMplete Solutions 96 Rankin St Unit 203 Waterloo ON N2V 2B6 519-725-2557 Computer software: machining

Canadian Systems 420 Erb St W Unit 5 Suite 237 Waterloo ON N2L 6K6 519-571-1711 Computers

Chaffe Malcolm & Partners 620 Harper Pl Waterloo ON N2K 3N9 519-747-2370 Computer software development

Chrome Media 282 Whitmore Dr Waterloo ON N2K 2N5 519-746-9855 Web hosting

Competitive Edge Info Systems 550 Parkside Dr Waterloo ON N2L 5V4 519-746-2303 Computer consultants

Computer Partners 105 Greenbrier Dr Waterloo ON N2L 4B3 519-746-1607 Web site design services

Data Perceptions 174 Bridge St W Waterloo ON N2K 1K9 519-749-9319 Computer consultants: IT industry

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