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Genesis Directory By City
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Company Website Street City Prv Postal Phone Category

Genesis Databases 363 Markham St. Toronto ON M6G 2K8 416 972 6718 Custom Databases

Genesis is a Toronto based database consultanting firm specializing in Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We create and maintain customized

software for a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, service and non-profit.

Admiral Cash Register PO Box 279 Mount Hope ON L0R 1W0 905-385-5331 Computer software: for retail stores

Opticut Technologies 24 Advance Ave Napanee ON K7R 3Y6 613-354-9838 Computer software development

SystemsManager Technologies 3436 County Rd 8 South Shore Hay Napanee ON K7R 3K7 613-373-0244 Computer software development:

Bay custom

Academy of Learning Nepean 1600 Merivale Rd Suite 217 Nepean ON K2G 5J8 613-224-8973 Computer training

acquiredNotions 148 Colonnade Rd Suite 201 Nepean ON K2E 7R4 613-282-7772 Computer training

ADDSecure.Net PO Box 5145 LCD Merivale Nepean ON K2C 3H4 613-733-0399 Computer technology auditing: IT

Advanced Micrographic Services 77 Auriga Dr Unit 17 Nepean ON K2E 7Z7 613-723-1668 Imaging systems

AFORE Solutions 2081 Merivale Rd Suite 1300 Nepean ON K2G 1G9 613-224-5995 Computer network design

Ahearn & Soper 38 Antares Dr Suite 110 Nepean ON K2E 7V2 613-226-4520 Printers: computer

Akamina Technologies 91 Norice St Nepean ON K2G 2X9 613-720-7555 Computer software development:


AmberCore Software 2081 Merivale Rd Suite 1300 Nepean ON K2G 1G9 613-216-0082 Computer software: geological

Boomstone Entertainment 1 Cleopatra Dr Suite 207 Nepean ON K2G 3M9 613-725-3843 Computer animation services

Carleton Technologies 203 Colonnade Rd Nepean ON K2E 7K3 613-225-0283 Computer supplies

CCR/Mks Process Products Group 30 Concourse Gate Suite 108 Nepean ON K2E 7V7 613-723-3386 Instruments: leak detection

Cifelli PO Box 65030 RPO Merivale Nepean ON K2G 5Y3 613-723-7218 Computers: laptop/notebook

Cistel Technology 30 Concourse Gate Suite 40 Nepean ON K2E 7V7 613-723-8344 Computer consultants: IT industry

Corporola 18 Sunvale Way Nepean ON K2G 6Y2 613-823-2453 Computer software integrators

C-Team Systems 38 Auriga Dr Suite 11 Nepean ON K2E 8A5 613-727-8224 Computer software: logistics

Diffraction 100 Craig Henry Dr Suite 106 Nepean ON K2G 5W3 613-225-9852 Engineering services

Flightscape 36 Antares Dr Suite 850 Nepean ON K2E 7W5 613-225-0070 Computer software development

Gridiron Software 6 Antares Dr Suite 100 Nepean ON K2E 8A9 613-226-9445 Computer software: digital printing

GSNetworks 15 Capella Crt Suite 115 Nepean ON K2E 7X1 613-225-5044 Cables

Harris Computer Systems 1 Antares Dr Suite 400 Nepean ON K2E 8C4 613-226-5511 Computer software: municipal

IHS Solutions 1 Antares Dr Suite 200 Nepean ON K2E 8C4 613-225-2300 Computer software: data

Illamar 38 Auriga Dr Suite 200 Nepean ON K2E 8A5 613-274-7997 Computer integrated systems

INAWIRE 33 Tybalt Cres Suite 101 Nepean ON K2H 8J6 613-596-0906 Computer training

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