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Migration From Excel To Access
Often, managers or other power users develop applications in Excel. Spreadsheets are fabulous tools for analyzing and manipulating small amounts of data. Their main advantage is that non-programmers can learn them sufficiently well to meet their needs. At some point, Excel spreadsheets become unwieldy to manage. They become large and cumbersome and hard to modify. Information is often saved in many unrelated files. At this point it may be worthwhile to migrate towards a database application. Databases provide many advantages over spreadsheets. All the data is related, so it can be presented in any type of report. Automation makes data entry easier and more fool proof. Data can easily be shared between programs. You can import it directly from your accounting system and merge it into word documents. The same data can be accessed and updated simultaneously by many users. Finally, migrating from Excel to Access tends to be easier and cheaper than developing a custom program from scratch.