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Access Developer Needed



Access Position
Job Application Form
Sample Guidelines





Computer Skills



Extensive experience developing Access applications. Thoroughly familiar with Access objects and controls. Conceive and design relational databases. In tables, select best field types, masks and defaults. Experience with Query Builder and Functions (not just SQL). Know your forms - text boxes, check boxes, combo boxes, subforms, option groups, buttons and their properties. Ability to design complex reports quickly and efficiently. You must have strong previous experience with Access front-end forms and reports. Some (beginner's level) knowledge of VBA and SQL







Personal Skills



  • CONCEPTUALIZE - See the big picture. What is the client trying to achieve. Specs aside, what is the purpose of the application, its screens and functions.
  • EMPATHIZE - Clearly understand and visualize the users' needs.
  • INDEPENDENT - Work with minimal supervision.
  • CREATIVE THINKER - See 5 totally different solutions for each problem.
  • ASK FOR HELP - You must be able to ask for help when you're stuck. (As opposed to spending 20 hours coming up with 100 lines of complex code). If you are unwilling or unable to ask for help, you won't be able to do this job.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE - 99% of the best solutions are simple. You need to be able to see the simple solution.
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY - The application has to be bug-free and ready for delivery by the promise date. The user should never see an error message. Any bugs, delays or deviations from specs need to be voluntarily reported to the manager as soon As they appear





Job Description



Develop Access applications from Design to Deployment. Modify and add to existing applications according to customer's requests. These are usually smaller order-tracking applications. Full development will usually take less than 100 hours. You will typically work on 3-5 different projects each month.





Secondary Computer Skills



Our primary concern for this position is finding an Access Developer with the skills listed above. However, we do have other projects for those with the required additional skills. These include:

  • Developing VB/Access Distributed Applications
  • Developing run-time Access Distributed Applications
  • Developing Web based databases using ASP, SQL, VBScript and Access





To Apply



You must:

  1. Fill out the Job Application Form
  2. Send us 2 samples of your Access work (Guidelines and Privacy Protection)