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Genesis Directory By Category
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Genesis Databases 363 Markham St. Toronto ON M6G 2K8 416 972 6718 Custom Databases

Genesis is a Toronto based database consultanting firm specializing in Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We create and maintain customized

software for a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, service and non-profit.
Publishing: directory

Whitsed Information Services 400 Walmer Rd Suite 729 Toronto ON M5P 2X7 416-515-8574 Publishing: directory
Publishing: educational textbook

Tralco Educational Services 1030 Upper James St Suite 101 Hamilton ON L9C 6X6 905-575-5717 Publishing: educational textbook
Publishing: magazine

Pink Triangle Press 491 Church St Suite 200 Toronto ON M4Y 2C6 416-925-6665 Publishing: magazine
Publishing: miscellaneous

Datamap 56 Oakmeadow Blvd Scarborough ON M1E 4G1 416-287-3240 Publishing: miscellaneous
Publishing: multimedia 19 Thorne St Suite 118 Cambridge ON N1R 1S3 519-623-5001 Publishing: multimedia
Publishing: newspaper

Osprey Media LP 100 Renfrew Dr Suite 110 Markham ON L3R 9R6 905-752-1132 Publishing: newspaper
Publishing: software

B Sharp Technologies 23 Lesmill Rd Suite 404 North York ON M3B 3P6 416-445-7162 Publishing: software

Clockwork 4120 Yonge St Suite 307 North York ON M2P 2B8 416-222-8990 Publishing: software

Falcon Ecommerce Consulting 45 Aishford Rd Bradford ON L3Z 3E3 416-988-1663 Publishing: software

Multi-Health Systems 3770 Victoria Park Ave Toronto ON M2H 3M6 416-492-2627 Publishing: software

Peernet 1900 Merivale Rd Suite 212 Nepean ON K2G 4N4 613-224-6894 Publishing: software

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